Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Metallic Zebra Sweater Forever 21

This weekend I decided to go to forever 21 and look around when I saw this really cute sweater on a mannequin but they didn’t have any more. I was a little bummed because even though I had planned on not buying anything I was willing to buy the sweater. I looked it up on the forever 21 website and found out they have it in two colors gold/nude and navy blue. I had seen the gold/nude one at the store and it looked more like a light pink which I really liked. I really like both now and want to get them because I think it’s so pretty. The website pictures so it no justice.  I really like how it looks on the model; I also think it would look nice with some skinny jeans. Now I just don’t know if I should get both or only one. You can buy it by clicking Here

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