Monday, November 21, 2011

H&M Heart Bag

How adorable is this heart purse from H&M. I want it so bad I think this bag is super cute and girly. The bag is 100% polyester imitation suede it has a metal shoulder strap and a zipper which I like. I hate it when bags don’t have a zipper it makes me afraid that my stuff might fall out. This bag is so adorable I love how pink it is. This bag will make any outfit very girly. They also have itin black but I don’t think it looks that cute. It retails for $17.95 I think that’s a little expensive but I still love it and would buy it. It sucks that online shopping is not available in the US otherwise I would have bought it already. I will have to go check out H&M to see if they have it.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Pablo Alboran - Perdoname

Monday, November 7, 2011

Lilac Jeans

I now light purple jeans are not something you normally wear in the fall/winter but other day  a girl  wearing light purple jeans and I fell in love with them. I have no idea what brand or where they got the jeans so I had to do a search and this is what I came up with. I am so in love with the color of the jeans they would be great for the spring summer. I can already imagine all the different thing you can pair these jeans with you can color block or if you are like me simple you can wear them with a basic white t-shirt. The jeans are by a brand called Cheap Monday I believe it’s a British brand and they are on sale for   $39 at yoox.comI want these so bad. 

What do you guy think?

DO you like them? 

Would you buy them?

Let me know!

Here are similar jeans

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Juicy Couture Bracelet

I am so happy right now because I just made my first juicy purchase. I know most girls have this bracelet and that everyone knows what it looks like but I just really felt like sharing. I had been wanting the charm starter for the longest time. So I went to Nordstrom today and was determined to buy a juicy bracelet. I had a really hard time choosing because I really liked the silver, gold, and the darker silver/black one. I just wanted them all. I managed to narrow it down to the gold and silver but I still had trouble. I just couldn’t decide because I really wanted the silver but then I really wanted the gold one. So I finally decided to get the gold one because it’s the first color they had and it’s so classic. I felt like I needed a change because I mostly wear silver and I don’t really have gold jewelry. It was $42, I’m pretty sure everyone knows the price. I’m just so happy… I think the next one I’m going to buy is the silver and then eventually I’ll buy the darker one.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NOTD Tiffany Blue

This past weekend I bout a silver glittery nail polish, Queen of Beauty by Sinful colors and wanted to use the nail polish. I thought it would go really well with For Audrey by China glaze and that is what I did. I did two coats for the nails with For Audrey and about three coats for Queen of Beauty, just so that the nail could be covered with glitter. I really like how they look together the colors really remind me of Tiffany. I also think it’s a good combo for the Holidays because when I go shopping I see a lot of people with blue Tiffany shopping bags.