Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Missoni + Bugaboo

I can’t help but blog about this even though I’m late on the topic. I don’t know if you guys now about the Bugaboo strollers but to me they are the most amazing strollers well one of them is. I had seen that Bugaboo was collaborating with Missoni but I didn’t pay much attention then and forgot about it. It wasn’t until recently when I was doing a google search for Rachel Zoe’s baby that I saw that she had the Cameleon Bugaboo stroller with the Missoni canopy.

I then went on their website and saw that they had collaborated with Missoni and I remembered. Bugaboo has two strollers the Bugaboo Cameleon set at $880 and the Bugaboo Bee set at $600. The special collection features two tailored designs. The Bugaboo Camelon can be adorned with a bright block print sun canopy and bassinet apron, while the Bugaboo Bee can be decorated with Missoni’s signature print, vibrant zigzags canopy. Both of the collections come with a luxury knitted Missoni blanket that features their signature zigzags, craftsmanship and quality.  You can also pre order them at Bergdorf Goodman. The Missoni set for the Camelon retails for $269 and the Missoni setfor the Bee retails for $199.

My personal favorite is the Cameleon (the one Rachel has). I fell in love with this stroller when I first saw it years ago; it was love at first sight. I love with the print Missoni came up for the Cameleon stroller. The different colors are so vibrant, it’s something different from the signature Missoni print. The canopy for the bee is also nice but not really my style. I don’t have any kids but I still love their strollers and plan on buying the Cameleon when I do. I really want to buy the Mission set for the Cameleon for when I do have kids which won’t be any time soon. That’s if I ever do. I just love it and don’t think it will ever go out of style.

Cameleon Bassinet 

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