Sunday, December 11, 2011

Prada Baroque Sunglasses



I am so happy because I just currently got two of the things I was  currently obsessing over and which were going to go on my wish list. That is the Prada Baroque sunglasses in black and Havana. I wanted the Havana (tortoise) ones but they were no longer available at so I decided to just buy the black ones which I am loving. I bought them I think in the beginning of November because I just couldn’t pass them up, they are gorgeous I love the decorative arm. I kept checking the Prada website to see if they had the Havana in stock because it said that they would be available soon and luckily enough they were back in stock and I was able to purchase them. The other day I went on the Nordstrom website and found out that they have the Havana available again but they are back ordered . If you guys want these really bad I suggest you go and buy them now before they are gone forever and you miss out. They are totally worth it.

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Sabrina said...

beautiful!!!!love prada baroque!!!amazing blog!!!i'm following you!!!