Saturday, November 5, 2011

Juicy Couture Bracelet

I am so happy right now because I just made my first juicy purchase. I know most girls have this bracelet and that everyone knows what it looks like but I just really felt like sharing. I had been wanting the charm starter for the longest time. So I went to Nordstrom today and was determined to buy a juicy bracelet. I had a really hard time choosing because I really liked the silver, gold, and the darker silver/black one. I just wanted them all. I managed to narrow it down to the gold and silver but I still had trouble. I just couldn’t decide because I really wanted the silver but then I really wanted the gold one. So I finally decided to get the gold one because it’s the first color they had and it’s so classic. I felt like I needed a change because I mostly wear silver and I don’t really have gold jewelry. It was $42, I’m pretty sure everyone knows the price. I’m just so happy… I think the next one I’m going to buy is the silver and then eventually I’ll buy the darker one.

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